What are your rates, hours and locations?

Massage For Health is located at 468 Great Road in Acton where we are happy to be part of the clinical team of Dr. Joe Fitzpatrick at Acton Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Massage For Health retains its own separate practice within the chiropractic office space. However, many of my clients and Dr. Joe's patient's enjoy much quicker and more effective results by combining both the structural chiropractic work with our soft-tissue treatments. Therapist Liz Murray practices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Through our online scheduler you can book your own appointment at any time.  Liz's hours for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are late afternoon, and she has all day availability on Thursdays. Please "Click Here" to book your own appointment online.

The rates for sessions vary according to your client status, (i.e. patients of Dr. Joe's receive a professional courtesy discount, where non-patients do not) or if you have chosen to participate in our "Wellness Maintenance Program". (explained in more detail below) You may "Click Here" to open our rate and fee schedule for a full description of session rates. Also, please DO ask about our senior and student discount rates.

The Wellness Maintenance Program (WMP) is designed for people who recogonize and appreciate the benefits of having regular massage sessions as part of their overall health and wellness regime.  We think that kind of commitment should be rewarded...so we do!...with significant discounts on hourly sessions.  To participate in the Wellness Maintainance Program, you must book at least 3 months in advance for either of the two options.  In option 1 you would book a monthly 1 hour session for a discounted rate of $60. per session; In option 2 you would book for 2 or more hourly sessions per month for a discounted rate of $50. per session.  Ask more about our Wellness Maintenance Program...you'll feel great with regular and affordable massage therapy in your life!



What types of sessions can I choose from?

You may have noticed by reading the information on the site that we offer quite a few different modalities or bodywork techniques. However, unlike many spas or resorts that have menus of services and charge extra for these specialties, at Massage For Health all modalities are available to all clients where it is appropriate to use them. The rates and fees in the next session are listed by time of session, not by modality. After you fill out your intake form mentioned below, your therapist will discuss with you the most beneficial and appropriate types of techniques and modalities to be used during your session. Please, by all means, expresses you preferences for a specific treatment modality and as long as it is safe, we will be happy to accommodate. However, it is always at the therapist's discretion to omit any technique or modality if it is contraindicated for your condition.


What can I expect from my first session?

Well, first of all, a discount! All Massage For Health clients receive a $10.00 off discount on their first 1 hour session. In addition, you will be asked to fill out a client intake form. You can download and print the form by "Clicking Here" or you may fill out the intake form when you arrive for your first session.

This intake form will help us determine how to approach your session. It is our intention to customize each session to best suit your needs on that day. We hope you will feel comfortable expressing any preferences you may have to optimize the benefits of your session before, during, and afterwards...we welcome all feedback.

Special considerations will be made for specific techniques or positioning, if needed, for your session. Discretion and privacy are always the standard protocol while you change to get on and off the massage table, and with proper draping during the session. (Note: The modalities we use in our practice involve direct skin contact so changing is necessary. Underclothes can be left on, especially during the first session if that would make you feel comfortable, but rest assured that your body will be properly covered and draped at all times)

Be sure to talk to your therapist about any and all health considerations that you are aware of so that you and your therapist can decide the best course of your treatment...but most of all relax and enjoy!






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